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Roof Repairs That Save You Time and Money


Is your roof leaking? Does it flap in the wind? Are you concerned it may not survive the next big storm? It’s time to get it fixed!


Graham Ross Builders will repair or replace roofs to an exacting standard – so they won’t need further attention for many years.


Chimney Repair or Removal

Or, you may need a chimney replaced or removed. Graham Ross Builders will take care of this for you, too. They have all the required safety equipment and make sure they follow health and safety regulations to the letter.


Spouting and Gutters

Is your spouting spouting water? Do your gutters overflow in heavy rain? Spouting or gutters left in a state of disrepair can cause water to leak into your house resulting in damage that could be very expensive to fix.


If you have any concerns at all about your roof, spouting or gutters, call Graham Ross Builders today and have them take a look. It costs you absolutely nothing for an inspection.