New Homes

Building Your New Home? Hire Only a Respected, Professional Builder!


Building a home is exciting and offers owners the chance to be creative and to live in a house that suits their needs. It can also be daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before, and that’s where an experienced builder can be invaluable.


Graham Ross Builders can take the weight off your shoulders because they know what’s involved, effectively project managing the build so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty.



Permits and Consents

That’s especially true when it comes to applying for building permits and consents, a process often beset by delays (and unwelcome surprises) if you don’t know your way round the legal requirements or who to liaise with at the council.


Installation of Services

They can also help when it comes to getting access to infrastructure (power, drainage, water, telecommunications) especially if you’re building in a new subdivision. Graham Ross Builders have dealt with those processes many times and know the ropes when it comes to organising utilities for a new house.



Because a new build requires the services of many contractors, Graham Ross Builders can bring a tried-and-true team with them, but equally, they’re happy to work with the subbies of your choosing.


If you want a stress-free build, carried out by an experienced builder who knows how to untangle the red tape, give Graham Ross Builders a call and have a chat to them about creating your dream home.